How I deliver Corporate Well Being

We offer Health, Wellbeing and pain relief therapies and workshops to help individual employees with various aspects of their lives in and out of work. These can be accessed individually or as group sessions.

Why wellbeing at work?
- Reasons for absenteeism : back pain, repetitive strain, Stress, Acute medical conditions, Mental ill health.

- Absenteeism costs business £522 per employee (CIPD 2016 Annual Absence Management Survey)

-Studies show that improving your staff wellness directly increases staff retention and productivity. (Absents Management, Pierce Ivory, Feb 2018)


Corporate Packages

Corporate Treatments
Corporate day rate: £400
(8 staff, 30 mins @ £40 each)
After a brief consultation with the employee,
the most appropriate treatment will be given.
Treatments include:
Pain relief
Drug free relaxing treatment, medically approved for pain relief.

Injury recovery
Accelerated recovery using medically approved advanced technology.

Immune system boost
Strengthens the body by stimulating the body’s natural defence mechanism.

Stress release
Alleviating tension and quietening the mind by balancing pressure points.

Muscle unwind
Whole body muscle conditioning to relax the body and mind.


Corporate Education
Cost depends on attendee numbers
(£50 per attendee)

Healthy, Happy Me -
Looking at all aspects of life that cause us stress and identify areas that
could be improved for more balance.

Understanding how my body works
So I can make better choices and understand what I need
to do to keep my body working efficiently.

Stress Management
Learn how the body responds to stress and the internal effects.
We will equip you with stress hacks to reduce the impact of stress on your body.

Eat for Energy
Back to basics on why we eat, what our body needs to thrive and our eating

Cooking Demo
Quick, easy, tasty & healthy meals/snacks to get your 5 a day.
(Choice of recipes) wraps/pizza, omelette, energy balls.