I am finally free of neck pain and headaches after years of trying different treatments for whiplash, thanks to Tasha. It has made a huge difference to my everyday life, and I have stopped worrying about when the next headache will strike. Tasha is very effective with SCENAR Therapy, she is also sympathetic, patient and a great listener. If you are struggling with pain, especially chronic pain that has failed to respond to other treatments, I recommend Tasha.
— Kaye

“Hiya caring neighbour! My back is far better today than it has ever been. I was struggling to walk for a few weeks but it is now far more manageable than it has been since it started. From taking strong pain killers and being off work, I was amazed at my accelerated healing after just a couple of treatments! I am currently looking after a friends dog, so I’ve done a bit of walking today. I’m on the mend and back at work, thank you.”
— Steve

“Hi Tasha, just to say thank you for yesterday both for the treatment for my whip lash and listening to me, it was much appreciated. My shoulder and arm are feeling better as the day goes on. My arm felt heavy and hot but as the day has gone on and I have been teaching it has felt better and better and there is less pain now than there has been for over two weeks. I’m amazed. I experienced some tingling and itching in my arm but assume this is good and part of the healing process. I also slept better last night than I have done for weeks!”
— Lynn

20 years ago I was diagnosed with ME and Fibromyalgia. Having lived with constant pain ever since exacerbated by an ongoing shoulder injury, I have tried many types of treatment. Nothing seemed to work until I discovered Scenar. Thanks to this, my head, neck and shoulder pain has been relieved dramatically. I am over the moon with the improvement that can be achieved with such a non invasive treatment in just a few weeks!
— Clare

“I had suffered with 8 months of pain and discomfort from a broken coccyx. Taking pain killers and struggling to sit down comfortably, it wasn’t until I received treatment with Scenar therapy that I had instant relief. It was so remarkable that I decided to purchase the device.”
— Tasha