Frequently asked questions


Which treatment will be best for my condition?
-During your consultation I will discuss with you your medical history, symptoms and pain levels, to determine and advise which treatment will be most effective for you.  Each treatment, whether it is SCENAR therapy or Cycloidal or Indian Head Massage, has many benefits and conditions that they will suit.  I may advise a combination of treatments if I feel your symptoms will be better relieved and if I think your recovery will be quicker.

How often will I need a treatment to get rid of my pain?
- The number of treatments that you will need will depend on how old your injury is, how much damage needs to be repaired, your general health, age and lifestyle and whether you give your body rest to allow it to heal.  Some people feel instant pain relief and a sense of well-being straight away, whilst others may need longer for their body to initiate its recovery.

From experience, using SCENAR Therapy, acute pain can be resolved in 3-5 treatments, such as a recent whip lash injury, and chronic pain conditions may take longer. Likewise, Some people have felt instant relief using Cycloidal Therapy and Indian Head Massage, whereas some may need several treatments to ensure their condition has had time to heal.

My perforated disc took several treatments as it was a long time before it was diagnosed and so a lot of healing and repair was needed.  With my broken coccyx on the other hand, even after 8 months of pain and discomfort, I was pain free after just 2 treatments.

How is Alternative Pain Relief therapy different to orthodox medicine?
- All of my therapies are non-invasive, non-toxic eg you don’t need to take pills, and work by improving the body’s natural healing abilities that become suppressed due to the environment, toxins and stress.

When should I have Alternative Pain Relief treatment?
- It is advised to get Alternative Pain Relief treatment from the onset of injury/imbalance.  This is because the body hasn’t had so long to forget about the area to stop its natural ability to heal.  Pain is a good indicator to the brain to release its healing chemicals, so a new injury has more signals going to the brain to initiate recovery.  My therapies enhance the body’s natural ability to repair itself.  Once a condition becomes chronic, the body remains with the pain, but doesn’t have enough signal to trigger the release of the body’s own pharmaceuticals to heal the injury.

All of my therapies work by making the body more efficient in its natural functioning.  Even if a condition becomes chronic, the therapies are still effective and I have seen remarkably quick results with chronic conditions which started over 20 years ago.

Where do you carry out your Alternative Pain Treatments?
- I can provide a mobile service in the comfort of your own home/workplace or I am able to treat from several Health establishments.

Why should I choose Alternative Pain Relief?
- My Alternative Pain Relief Therapies often break through pain where other treatments remain ineffective.  They use scientific and medically proven technology to relieve and eliminate many painful conditions.  The scope, capabilities and breadth of conditions that my therapies treat make them a first choice treatment.  They are a cheaper option in the long run and usually show faster results to recovery time.  This means that sufferers are back to the activities they enjoy and are back to work much quicker than just by taking pain killers which block pain and don’t repair the injury.

How did you come across these Alternative Pain Relief Therapies that most of us haven’t heard of before?
- I searched for alternative therapies for two debilitating injuries and an auto immune disorder.  Orthodox medicine was unable to touch my pain, so it was through desperation that these treatments were either recommended to me (SCENAR) by others who had also been amazed by their results, or I just stumbled across them (Cycloidal Massage) and found instant relief.  They gave me such relief and worked so fast that I wanted to train in them to help others to relieve their suffering.

 What will happen during the treatment?
- In your initial consultation you will be asked to complete a medical history form.  It is important to include all ailments, past and present, as it gives me a full picture of your health and life style and what treatment package and recommendations I can make.  SCENAR Therapy transmits signals from the device through your skin, so you will be given a robe to wear so access to your pain can be achieved whilst lying on a Massage table.  Cycloidal Massage is performed by lying down on a Massage bed fully clothed, which makes it a perfect treatment for the workplace, likewise, Indian Head Massage is performed in a seated position with you wearing a shirt.